Road to Equality with Sony Music

There are lots of ways we hold up our part of that deal: by using 100% recyclable aluminium cans; by promoting a circular economy; and by taking responsibility for the impact our business has on the environment.

But contributing to a better planet means more than just focusing on our own endeavours. To reach that sometimes illusive-seeming objective, we need to embrace a broad, all-encompassing viewpoint that spotlights and supports the brilliant work of other game-changing initiatives.

That’s why we were proud to partner with Sony Music Entertainment Netherlands for Volume Two of their ‘Road to Equality’ series. Designed to explore the concept and importance of allyship in music, its aim is to provide continued education for industry workers, resulting in the proliferation of safe spaces in which the LGBTQIA+ community can thrive. With contributions from Hivos’ Mickey Andeweg, Sander Groet and a panel of professionals hosted by Margriet van der Linden, the audience was left feeling uplifted and inspired thanks to powerful conversations about the myriad ways we can continue to support our LGBTQIA+ family. Because Pride isn’t just a moment, it’s a movement.

Barriers can only be overcome through open dialogue, and conversations like these are essential for ensuring every single one of our voices is heard. By building each other up, we’re able to spark real change in the world, and at Soul Water, that ethos is imprinted in our DNA.

Photography courtesy of Sony Music Netherlands.

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