Soul Water and Tomorrowland Unite

In a monumental collaboration aimed at fostering a sustainable future, Soul Water has proudly announced its exclusive partnership with Tomorrowland for the highly anticipated Tomorrowland 2024 festival. 

Entering its third consecutive year, the collaboration between the two environmentally-minded brands aims to further eco-conscious practices within the festival landscape as they join forces to champion circularity, bid farewell to plastic waste, and celebrate the conscientious festival-goers of the future.

With the mission to offer experiences that transcend mere entertainment by creating a world where music, culture, and environmental stewardship coalesce seamlessly, together with Soul Water as their official water partner the immensely popular Belgian festival is emboldened to set new standards for sustainability within the festival industry.

Central to Tomorrowland’s ethos is the commitment to circularity – a concept that underscores the importance of closing the loop and minimising waste throughout every stage of production and consumption. Eco-conscious water brand Soul Water shares this vision wholeheartedly, offering a range of innovative hydration solutions that prioritise sustainability without compromising on performance or taste.

Easily recognisable by their eye-catching pink and green cans, which contain still and sparkling natural mineral water respectively, Soul Water was chosen for its commitment to provide the most circular packaged water solution possible in an environment where it’s not always possible to drink from the tap.

As festival-goers from all over the world continue to grow increasingly mindful of making choices that support the betterment of our planet, Tomorrowland 2024 will serve as a platform to celebrate and empower these individuals, offering educational initiatives, interactive experiences, hundreds of waste management and recycling stations, and opportunities for collective action.

Taking place over two weekends – from July 19th – 21st and July 26th – 28th 2024 – when revellers descend onto the vast festival site in Boom, Belgium, Soul Water invites all attending electronic music lovers to join in their commitment to sustainability by connecting with their ‘recycling activation fairies’ on the ground. Identifiable by unmissable recycling signs and backpacks, along with Soul Water’s mobile bike team they are ready to help keep dancers hydrated in between bars and food areas.

If you are going to join the fun at Tomorrowland 2024, raise a can and toast to a future where music, culture, and environmental consciousness converge harmoniously, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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